Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The incredibe dissapearing bridesmaid

Please excuse the incredibly lame title for this post-
Hello out there in blog land. Its me again. Back to try another stab at this. As you know I kind of dropped the ball on my blog about 7 months ago and I am just picking it back up now. I was spending some time with my good friend Lauren who, along with her husband, has an amazing and hilarious blog ( go check it out at www.jesseandlauren.com) and she kind of inspired me to give this another shot.So  I may not be the funniest blogger or the one with the best writing and spelling skills, so what, I say, I enjoyed doing it so here goes nothing!

So as you can guess the wedding that was the reason for this blog has come and gone. On August 27th of this year two of my best friends got married! Erika looked stunning and Andrew was oh so handsome. I laughed, I cried (a lot) and ate a ton of pizza...

And I haven't stopped eating since. Since the wedding I have gained about 15lbs (this is where you all look at me with shameful glares) and I feel yucky. I really do think yucky is the best word to describe it. I just don't have an much energy or enthusiasm for life, which I will be needing come
 Jan 10th when I start my last semester of school (yay!) with 17 credits (not yay)

Also one of my other best friends, Ms. Ashley Johnson ( who is to the left of me in the above photo and served as co- maid of honor with me for the Boyer-Kern nuptials)  just go engaged recently and I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding come August. So really the purpose for the blog hasn't changed much, same goal, same month, different wedding.

Now to really tempt me right away I have to go bake 4 batches of cookies, yikes! Not to mention the insane weekend of holiday celebrations coming up. I have Hanukkah with my Dad's family on Friday (Latkes, yummm), then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! ahhh! I guess my best is all I can do, right?

Well I hope you all enjoy Project Bridesmaid 2.0!