Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project Bridesmaid Dress

Is anyone else feeling totally renewed and inspired by this wonderful weather? It is 55 degrees out right now and I am loving it. It has helped reawaken my drive to live a healthier life. I spent a huge chunk of my day outside yesterday being active and having fun. And I have been eating pretty well too! I just finished a yummy sandwich that I made, Pastrami on wheat bread with spicy mustard, tomato, cucumbers, romaine lettuces and a slice of cheese. I had some sugar snap peas with it. Yummy. So I tried my bridesmaid dress on yesterday for the first time in about a month. I think i should start trying it on whenever I am in a bit of a slump. I really hate the way I look in in right now and trying it on is a great motivation for me to keep up the healthy lifestyle. Whenever I am tempted to eat something I know I shouldn't I just need to think of that dress and how good I want to look in it. Erika deserves to have the best looking (co) maid of honor and I need to deliver.

Do any of you have inspiring pictures up in your kitchen to help sway you from eating to much/often/ the wrong thing? I currently have "skinny" photos of me all over the kitchen. But I think it might really help if I also put up some photos of me from a few years ago when I was really fat, in order to remind myself what I don't want to happen. What do you think? I figure it couldn't hurt right?

On a wedding related note (since that's what this blog is all about right) I accompanied our wonderful Bride and Groom, along with the grooms parents and the brides wonderful mother (Hi Rita!) to pick out tuxes last weekend. I think what we ended up picking out is going to look great for the fun summer wedding. The chose a sort of taupe/ light gray with vests and ties that will match our cornflower bridesmaids dresses. It was really fun and I was so glad to help out :)

Well I am of to do some school work, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and get outside a bit!



  1. Skinny photos are really helpful actually. I’ve thought about putting a picture up of someone random (like a celebrity) and that’s how I want my body to be. Oprah calls these things “Vision Boards” (gosh, I never realized how strong my love for Oprah was until blogging, LOL) But they are basically pictures of things on a board you want in life and I really need to start making mine again. I think that is very helpful! Just always keep the goal in sight. Good job on eating well! =)

  2. I have been extremly on and off latley and i am driving myself cray. i want to do well but I continue to screw up. I really like the idea of a Vision Board, I think i will make myself on this weekend!

  3. DO could even post pictures of places you want to go (so that it'll help you save money), or getting your degree (so that'll make you study more), etc. I think I'll start mine up again when I'm all settled in my new place. They are great though!