Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Scale... We Have A Problem"

YAY for a new layout! Thanks so much to my wonderful friend and fellow blogger Katy (Aka Olivia) for making it for me. Isn't it great! It is themed around the wedding that I am the maid of honor for this summer (the reason for the blog)

So I discovered something today that I am worried about. Some of you who have been to my apt before will remember that the floors aren't exactly level. I live in the top floor of a very old house that is on a hill and the floors just aren't what they used to be. I have learned to live with it and see it now as a fun little quirk. But I went to weigh myself today and it said the exact same weight that it has the last 3 or 4 times I have weighed myself. Now this isn't that strange, but I really felt like I would be down a bit today. So I moved the scale to another spot in my apt, suddenly I am 20 lbs heavier, what the heck!?!?  I try another spot, 5lbs less than the first time. Now mind you I am poor and cant afford a digital scale so I use an old fashioned dial one. So I got out my level (thanks Dad) and crawled around my apt looking for the flattest spot (I give you all permission to picture this in your heads and laugh at it if you would like) I found a sort of flat spot and weighed myself there, I guess that will be my new weigh in spot. Or maybe I will just use the scale at the gym.

Who else is excited for Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow?!?!?! If you can all recall I do not have school on Fridays so I plan to do a bit of celebrating. A Guiness is about 4 points and totally worth it (I can only drink 1 anyway) The only thing missing will be my Moms corned beef and cabbage, yummy!

Well thanks for putting up with this very rambling post, until next time.



  1. LOL. Love the 'aka Olivia' HAHA. Thanks for the shout out - glad you like it. HAPPY ST PATS TO YOU!!

  2. PS I know all about the off level flooring and how it can affect your scale. I was weighing myself in my bathroom for the longest time and it was always telling me jacked up weights. I now keep my scale in my room where the floor is more even and the scale doesn’t jump around on telling me different weights!

  3. Nice theme "Olivia", but the font is crazy unreadable. What was the final verdict on the reading then?

  4. Well I got a weight that I think is probably close to correct but I am still not totally convinced, I need to weigh myself on a diff scale to find out for sure. As far as the font are you talking about the font in the header or the font for all my posts... for my posts I am having a hard time picking a good one, I want it to be a little different and a bit whimsical... but readable too obviously, so I am going to have to keep working on it.

  5. Sigh, my parents are having corned beef and cabbage, too... So unfair. Happy St. Patty's!