Sunday, March 27, 2011

Insert catchy title here

Hello out there. Sorry it has been a while, I had a crazy week. I was incredibly busy every single day and my eating habits took a big hit because of it. I kinda of had to eat what I could when I could which wasn't usually very healthy. I also had absolutely no time to work out. I was pretty ashamed and embarrassed of my terrible week and I wasn't going to blog about it but my Mom told me that this would be the best time to blog and get every ones support. So I am going to try my best this week and get back on track. The only problem is I am extremely short of money right now so I cant really afford to go get grocery's. That means I will be getting creative with the food I do have. I will try to document my successes and failures on here. Please leave any words of encouragement you may have, I can use all the help I can get.


  1. you can do it suz! <3 love you!

  2. You're doing great, lady. Loves! -Lauren

  3. Go Suzy Go! I'll make you healthy food for Survivor on Wednesday...if you'll have me back.