Friday, February 24, 2012

Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone. I hope none of you had a hard time deciding which seat to take in your friends car this morning . So lets dive right in. I have some exciting news on the weight loss front. I reached my first milestone on this week. I have lost 5.4 lbs total so far and received my 5lb "star" As someone who has done WW meetings before, let me tell you it is a lot more satisfying getting the physical tangible things they give you when reaching a milestone than the little graphic of a star you get on (see image)
But I wont let that get me down. I am finally doing it. I am actually losing weight and it feels good! I have a long way to go, but with 25 weeks left until Ashley and Tom's wedding I know I can do it! I have had a few hard weeks in a row, with one of my best friends birthday (lots of drinking), then the next weekend going to Duluth (lots of drinks) and then last weekend was Bock Fest (lots of drinks and food)  I think that the fact that I have managed to lose weight even with these events going on in my life is a very good thing. And maybe since this weekend is going to be much more low key I can manage to lose a bit more this coming week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend


Monday, February 20, 2012

O'Doyle Rules!!!

Back so soon Suzy? Why yes I am! I really want to keep up with this the best I can, it is a way that I can keep myself accountable. (Also sorry about the post title, I have never been very good at thinking of good ones)

So to bring everyone up to speed, I am currently in the thick of my last semester of classes ever! I have recently come down with a pretty serious case of senioritis ad am having to really push myself to get everything done and produce quality work. I have never been a big school person so I am just thrilled to be nearly done with school forever.

In other school related news, for my program we are required to do a 14 week full time internship before we can graduate. This is why I say it is currently my last semester of classes, I still have a semester of internship this summer. And just last week i found out that I got the internship that I really wanted! I will be working with the Park and Rec dept in the City of Plymouth MN. I cannot wait to get back to the twin cities and to start gaining some real experience in my field!

As far as the weight loss goes, after totally slacking for another month of so after my last post i am finally back int he swing of things. I joined Weight Watchers online a few weeks ago and so far have lost about 5lbs! It feels so good to be eating well again and I feel like i am really getting into a good rhythm with it all. But for me one thing that has always helped me is to be able to have people with whom I can talk about my weight loss efforts and struggles etc. So I really hope this blog can be that for me! Please feel free to share words of wisdom, encouragement or whatever else in the comments of my posts!

So today has been a great eating day for me so I figured I would share it with you...

Greek Yogurt w/ Honey (2 PT+)
2 Clementines (0 PT+)

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad (5 PT+)
Grapes (0 PT+)
Fat Free Pringles (2 PT+)
Carrots,cucumbers and Green peppers (0 PT+)

Baked tortilla chips (3 PT+)
Salsa (0 PT+)
Sugar Snap Peas (0 PT+)
Spicy Red Pepper Hummus (2 PT+)
Smarties Candy (1 PT+)

Total Used So Far..... 15     Out of 31 total, so I have 16 left

For dinner I will be having...
 WW Mac and Cheese  (7 PT+)
Baked chicken fingers  (4 PT+)
 Salad  (1 PT+)

so after dinner i will still have 4 Points Plus left for dessert!

well thats all for now!


Whats The Da Da Da Dilly-O?

Hello out there in blogville! It seems that I continue to promise more frequent posts and then never deliver. I am very sorry for this as I am sure you are all out there just waiting with baited breath for my next post.

Well here it is folks, hot off the presses! But sorry to disappoint, it will be a short one. I have a midterm in an hour and cannot allow this to distract me from my studies for very long. I promise to post a more detailed and updated post very soon (perhaps even later today) but for now I just wanted to show off my pretty new layout and say that things are going well, I have some exciting changes coming up and this semester is trying really hard to rough me up, but I am doing my best no to let it get me down.

But before I go I want to leave you with this fabulous photo of how I have been feeling latley!

Ta Ta for now (and wish me luck on this mid-term since it is sure to kick my ass)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The incredibe dissapearing bridesmaid

Please excuse the incredibly lame title for this post-
Hello out there in blog land. Its me again. Back to try another stab at this. As you know I kind of dropped the ball on my blog about 7 months ago and I am just picking it back up now. I was spending some time with my good friend Lauren who, along with her husband, has an amazing and hilarious blog ( go check it out at and she kind of inspired me to give this another shot.So  I may not be the funniest blogger or the one with the best writing and spelling skills, so what, I say, I enjoyed doing it so here goes nothing!

So as you can guess the wedding that was the reason for this blog has come and gone. On August 27th of this year two of my best friends got married! Erika looked stunning and Andrew was oh so handsome. I laughed, I cried (a lot) and ate a ton of pizza...

And I haven't stopped eating since. Since the wedding I have gained about 15lbs (this is where you all look at me with shameful glares) and I feel yucky. I really do think yucky is the best word to describe it. I just don't have an much energy or enthusiasm for life, which I will be needing come
 Jan 10th when I start my last semester of school (yay!) with 17 credits (not yay)

Also one of my other best friends, Ms. Ashley Johnson ( who is to the left of me in the above photo and served as co- maid of honor with me for the Boyer-Kern nuptials)  just go engaged recently and I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding come August. So really the purpose for the blog hasn't changed much, same goal, same month, different wedding.

Now to really tempt me right away I have to go bake 4 batches of cookies, yikes! Not to mention the insane weekend of holiday celebrations coming up. I have Hanukkah with my Dad's family on Friday (Latkes, yummm), then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! ahhh! I guess my best is all I can do, right?

Well I hope you all enjoy Project Bridesmaid 2.0!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well here I am, many weeks have passed since my last post and I have decided that I will no longer promise you more frequent posts. I will post when I feel like it. I want this blog to be something i enjoy and feeling pressure (from myself) to keep it constantly updated is to much, and I have obviously failed.  Anyway....
It is now week 2 of summer "vacation". Considering I am working about 45hours a week it isn't really vacation, but now that the snow is officially gone (knock on wood) and the days are sunny and long,  I am happy as a clam.

I officially started Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, I have my second weigh in tonight so wish me luck! I must say that although I was really hesitant about the new program, I am loving Points Plus. I feel so good inside and out when I eat as many fruits and veggies as this program allows.

I (as usual) and still struggling to get in the amount of physical activity that I should, and the fact that my tennis shoes are in the cities and not here with me doesn't help much. But I am going to make that my next goal, I will start to work out AT LEAST 3 times a week. I think that is good to start with.

And with that I must get back to work. I am currently on my lunch break eating a delicious salad. Romain lettuce, chicken breast, cucumbers, tomatoes and red. fat blue cheese crumbles with a yummy raspberry balsamic vinaigrette.  Yuum

Ta Ta for now


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Im Back!

Wow, I seem to be starting a habit of waiting way to long between blog posts. I promise I will try to change that and update more often. The last few weeks where just insanely busy with tons of school work and working a lot.WARNING: This post will be full of links, you may chose to follow or not follow them, I am just in the mood to link!
I wanted to start by saying happy Passover to any fellow Jewish or half Jewish folks out there. And happy Easter to all you fellow Christians and half Christians. My family held their Passover Seder last night at my Aunt's house but I was unable to attend. I do plan on making myself some Matzo Ball Soup for dinner tonight since it is by far my favorite part of Passover. I will be using a mix by Manischewitz. The best part is that one serving is only 40 calories! Yumm!

I am also very excited for Easter this weekend. My family is celebrating at our cabin this year! It has been 9 months since I have been up there and I cannot wait to see this view again!

A few weeks ago some friends an I did something really fun. Erika, The lovely bride to be, Elizabeth and Duckrt and I all enjoyed a delicious dinner together. I thought of the food, the 3 of them bought the grocery's, and then I cooked for all of them and had them over for a little dinner party. It was a great time, the food was amazing (if i  do say so myself) and we will definitely be doing it again.

I have decided to try something a little different with my "dieting" I am trying something other than Weight Watchers GASP I know! Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Weight Watchers and I know if I could afford to actually re join and attend meetings/ get all the new information and supplies I could totally rock it. But since I am a poor college student I decided to try something different and see how it goes. I have joined a free website calls Fat Secret which my good friends and fellow bloggers Lauren & Jesse told me about. It is similar to WW's E Tools but it doesn't use points or anything, just keeps track of your nutritional info. Yesterday was my first day using it any I really like it. I did go over my calorie goal,partially since I had some delicious Jake's Pizza for dinner. But I think once I get used to it a bit more it might really work! And I am hoping that this summer when i am working a bit more I can afford to join WW again, at least for a month of 2 before the wedding!

Well that's all for now, thank you all for being so patient. Have a great day!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project Bridesmaid Dress

Is anyone else feeling totally renewed and inspired by this wonderful weather? It is 55 degrees out right now and I am loving it. It has helped reawaken my drive to live a healthier life. I spent a huge chunk of my day outside yesterday being active and having fun. And I have been eating pretty well too! I just finished a yummy sandwich that I made, Pastrami on wheat bread with spicy mustard, tomato, cucumbers, romaine lettuces and a slice of cheese. I had some sugar snap peas with it. Yummy. So I tried my bridesmaid dress on yesterday for the first time in about a month. I think i should start trying it on whenever I am in a bit of a slump. I really hate the way I look in in right now and trying it on is a great motivation for me to keep up the healthy lifestyle. Whenever I am tempted to eat something I know I shouldn't I just need to think of that dress and how good I want to look in it. Erika deserves to have the best looking (co) maid of honor and I need to deliver.

Do any of you have inspiring pictures up in your kitchen to help sway you from eating to much/often/ the wrong thing? I currently have "skinny" photos of me all over the kitchen. But I think it might really help if I also put up some photos of me from a few years ago when I was really fat, in order to remind myself what I don't want to happen. What do you think? I figure it couldn't hurt right?

On a wedding related note (since that's what this blog is all about right) I accompanied our wonderful Bride and Groom, along with the grooms parents and the brides wonderful mother (Hi Rita!) to pick out tuxes last weekend. I think what we ended up picking out is going to look great for the fun summer wedding. The chose a sort of taupe/ light gray with vests and ties that will match our cornflower bridesmaids dresses. It was really fun and I was so glad to help out :)

Well I am of to do some school work, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and get outside a bit!